The Grace of the Spirit is an approachable guide to the theology and practice of the Mysteries of the Orthodox Church. Written by the Fathers of Saint Edward Brotherhood, the Grace of the Spirit is 273 pages in length with numerous black and white illustrations and seven full colour plates; it is also comprehensively indexed. Priced at £10.00 from the bookstall at Saint Edward's. Please use the correct option from the drop-down menu below to order by Paypal or credit card.

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From the back cover:

Orthodox Christians are united to Christ, and each other in this life, through the mysteries of the Orthodox Church by which we partake of the grace of the Holy Spirit. We are fused by grace into a single body with Christ as our Head in the hope that we will dwell together with Him in eternity. Written by the Fathers of Saint Edward Brotherhood, The Grace of the Spirit is a guide to the structure and theology of the mysteries (often called sacraments) of the Orthodox Church. Drawing together numerous quotes from the Church Fathers the authors illustrate the significance of the traditions preserved in the Orthodox mysteries.

In addition to the seven universally accepted mysteries, the authors also discuss the mysteries of burial and monastic tonsure as well as the structure of the daily services of the Orthodox Church. Particular attention has been paid to the relevance of each mystery for us today. To this end, each chapter has a Freqently Asked Questions section dealing with issues related to the theology and practice of the mysteries. In addition, subjects related to the mysteries such as cremation and medicine are discussed in dedicated chapters.

The Grace of the Spirit approaches the practical and theological aspects of the mysteries from a traditional Orthodox Christian viewpoint. Although customs vary between national Churches and parishes, we hope that all traditionalist Orthodox Christians will find this book a useful guide.

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