Grave Spaces at Saint Edward Brotherhood

Grave spaces in the Orthodox Cemetery at Brookwood are available for Orthodox Christians and their spouses, and are presently priced at £3,000 for a single depth grave and £4,000 for a double depth. Double depth reservations are only available for a husband and wife together. KEOTCoLtd retains legal title to the plot. All funeral arrangements must be made through a funeral director. There will, of course, be an additional charge for the interment itself at the rates current at the time of the burial/s.

We are not in a position to give refunds for a reservation, should the purchaser later decide not to use his / her option to be buried here, or not die in good standing with the Church and be denied a church funeral. We reserve the right to determine, in consultation with the deceased's priest, whether or not, for these purposes, a person died in good standing within the Church. Fuller details are available from the Brotherhood on request. Please write giving your full name and address, and the name of your parish church. All cheques should be made payable to King Edward Orthodox Trust Company Limited.

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